Kalmya Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery

Kalmya – a new Brazilian embroidery design by Threads in Bloom.   I thought maybe you would like to see the step by step stitching.  It is a small design, about 3″ X 4″, so it worked up in just a few evenings

After completing the greenery with EdMar Iris thread, next was the outside of each petal.  It uses EdMar rayon Frost thread, the stitch I used is Cast-on Double.Below shows the  inside of each petal, also Cast-on Double stitch, this time with EdMar Glory thread.

And, here we have the completed Kalmya design.  Glass beads were fun and add a little sparkle to the center of each petal and bud. I did a row of the beads around the edge of the center.  The beads seem to make the petals really pop out, bringing more dimension to the design.

All of the stitch and flower instructions are in the book “Apples to Zinnias” Brazilian Dimensional.  The instructions in the book are for only three petals per flower.  When I did a some researching for the Kalmia flower, they do have 5 petals – therefore I varied from the instructions to stitch 5 petals, along with a couple other changes.   My changes are in the instructions with the fabric  printed design in the design package, and the beads.

You can find the Kalmya package, EdMar rayon thread and book at:   http://www.ThreadsinBloom.com

It has been so nice being on vacation for two weeks, it went by fast.  I did get to spend time stitching and sewing.  A friend and I even got away to Monterey for a day.  It was beautiful – the waves were high and crashing on the rocks.   Tomorrow is time to get back to my job, which I really do enjoy, except it takes me away from stitching as many hours as I would like; but you know that feeling.    Tonight I want to start a Blackwork project and I have another Threads in Bloom Brazilian embroidery design ready to begin stitching.  It will have a special little surprise on it.

A friend at Nordic Needle sent me a quote a few days ago from Franklin D. Roosevelt, I would like to share it with you ~

Happiness is not in the mere possession of money;

it lies in the joy of achievement,

in the thrill of  creative effort.

It has been nice visiting with you,

Sharon ~ Threads in Bloom


Stitchers Retreat

Mid April there is going to be a Stitcher’s Retreat in Fargo, ND.  I am pleased to be teaching Brazilian Embroidery & Stump work again.  I did a design just for the retreat.  It is a bell.  We will stitch bullions, Cast-on and stem stitch along with a few other Brazilian embroidery stitches; and use several EdMar rayon threads – Lola, Iris, Cire, Glory and Nova.  Beginners are welcome.

There are still a few spaces available.  Other classes offered are:  tatting, Tamari balls, Blackwork, Hardanger, Canvas work to mention a few.  The theme is Stitching Around the World.  We have a wonderful time, with free stitching time when  not in a class.  You have a choice of 4 classes to choose from a long list and wide variety.

For more information, send me a note, or log onto  NordicNeedle.com

Hope you can join us.

Sharon ~ Threads in Bloom

Getting organized

Time to get another project organized, ready to stitch.  I am almost finished with my newest Brazilian Dimensional embroidery design, my Huck embroidery bookmarks are caught up for awhile;  I am working on a Cross Stitch Christmas ornament.  Next to assemble is a Tea Towel with a Fall design embroidered with just easy simple embroidery.  You know, the kind you first learned as a child.  It is nice to have different types of needle work going at the same time.  If I don’t feel like doing the Cross Stitch I can work on the Brazilian embroidery or easy little tea towel designs.

To get each project organized I use the Mesh Project bags.  They are so much nicer and more durable than a thin zip lock bag.   The mesh project bags have a fiber in the clear plastic for durability, yet easy to see into.  I like one for each project.  I put the design, thread for that project, hoop, needles and scissors.  Everything I need – I can just pick up the Mesh project bag of choice;  all I need is there, no hunting for the hoop or the right needles, a pair of scissors.

Mesh project bag

The Mesh bags are available in several sizes for smaller or larger projects.    http://www.ThreadsinBloom.com

I did get the design traced onto my tea towel last night.  Tonight I want to get the floss gathered.  I am using Gentle Art’s Simply Shaker floss.  I like the slightly shaded colors.  I am going to try to start stitching it tonight too.   My goal is to get my work done early in the evening, then I can watch TV for an hour or so and stitch.  So that is what I am off to do – get my next project organized.

Stitching keeps our souls content,

Sharon ~ Threads in Bloom


Brazilain Embroidery & Cross Stitch scissor fob

Scissor fobs are becoming very popular to stitch, they are small enough to be a quick stitching project.  They make a fun gift and are practical.   Recently I did a Scissor fob for At Home with Needlework, the magazine by Zweigart.

These pretty attachments are useful to keep from loosing your scissors.  Some stitchers like to keep a pair of scissors in every project bag – They can just pick it up, with everything needed enclosed.   Mesh bags  are prefect for your projects.  They are available in 4 sizes.  Set up your project in separate bags.   But back to Scissor fobs –  I didn’t realize how many Stitchers collected scissors.  I thought my having a 12-15 was alot.  Then I read a blog, that some ladies are VERY SERIOUS collectors – having well over 100, and they make a scissor fob for each.  They even have display cabinets for them.

This fob was fun to do, using my favorite Brazilian embroidery and incorporating Cross Stitch.

Rolled Rose scissor fob

The Brazilian embroidery Rolled Roses are Bullions, stitched with EdMar thread, Cire – color #009

Gentle Art floss is used for the Cross Stitch – Fragrant Clove

Zweigart banding is the base for the Scissor fob

It is available as a complete kit on my website:   http://www.ThreadsinBloom.com

It is getting late and I want to work on a new Brazilian embroidery design with Kalmia flowers.  I will show you some pictures of it progress in the next Blog.    Also, I am trying to keep ahead on doing the Huck embroidery bookmarks that I donate to the local Library to sell in their Little Gift Shop.   Not enough hours in the day to do all the stitching I would like to do;  but isn’t that the case for all Stitchers

I look forward to your comments ~

Stitching keeps the soul content

Sharon ~ Threads in Bloom

Milliner Needles

Today we will talk about Milliner needles.  Why is it important to use Milliner needles, instead of other types.   Notice in the picture below, the eye is the same size as the shank – no buldge.  This is necessary for ease of  slipping the bullion wraps and cast-on loops off the needle.     Also, notice the long shank.  This makes it easier to wrap or loop the cast-ons;  and to place more wraps and cast-ons than you could on a short needle. 


Now, lets discuss  size.   The REALLY large needle is a #15 Milliner.    #15 is used for Nova and Boucle thread.  #15 is a new size available to us in the Milliner needles.  Before we had to use  Yarn Darners, which have the bulging eye – very hard to pull those wraps and cast-ons off the needle.   I enjoy using Nova and especially Boucle thread, with this new large size needle.   Also, the large needle leaves a perfect size hole in the fabric for the Boucle to slip through with out distroying the knubbies on the thread.

The three small needles;  l to r  are  #1,  #5  & #7.  Size 1 is used for Lola and Cire;  #5  for  Iris and Frost;  size 3  is for Glory.    If the needle is to small for the thread to easily slip through the eye, it will wear on thread,  causing it to fray.  If the needle is to large, you will not have nice Cast-ons and smoothing the Bullions will be more difficult.  

There are many brands of Milliner needles.  I found some of the more common brands  have a smaller eye, making it hard to thread and wearing on the thread.   Some of the brands I would recommend are:   John James, Richard Hemmings and Piecemaker.   There is a very nice Milliner needle made in France, I am trying to get my hands on some of those for you – more about that one in the future.  I have some inexpensive Milliner needles in bulk, size  #1, 5 & 7, that are of good qualitity.  Contact me to inquire about those.    www.ThreadsinBloom.com

If you have any further questions about needles for Brazilian Embroidery, or comments;  if you would like a set  ( 1 each ) of the bulk needles I have, send me a comment.

Have a great day – talk to you soon

Sharon ~ Threads in Bloom

EdMar rayon thread

EdMar rayon thread is primarily made and mostly used for Brazilian Embroidery,  aka:  Dimensional Embroidery, because much of the stitching stands high above the surface of the fabric, rather than Surface Embroidery.  EdMar thread can also be used for many other needle arts such as:  Huck,  Cross Stitch, canvas, Punch needle and Embroidery on paper.

EdMar rayon twisted thread, is a ‘Z” twist.  Most threads are an ‘S’ twist.   What is the difference, and what difference does it make with your stitching ?

Take a close look and compare.   You will see the thread twist go from right to left on the ‘Z’  twist;  and from left to right on the ‘S’ twist.   You may be able to see the angle of the twist in the Stitching sample below..

When it comes to stitching, it does make a difference.  For example, a Stem stitch.  You must keep the working thread above the stitching line for that nice rope effect.  If you have it below, the thread will untwist, leaving an unattractive appearance.

The top row is correct.  See the nice ropey look it has.  The lower one is wrong –  just lays there like a dead stem.    In regular Surface embroidery, the will refer to the Brazilian Embroidery Stem stitch as an Outline stitch.   Notice where the position and where the needle and thread lay, above the stitching.  Yes, that is a Gold Milliner Needle, size #1.  They are available on my website.

Stem stitch

Making Bullions is the same –  you MUST wrap the thread around the needle  clockwise or it will untwist the thread – NOT a pretty Bullion.

About the different weights or sizes of thread.   Some thread such as Pearl cottons refer to the size by numbers;  3, 5, 8, etc.  EdMar has given its thread pretty names;   Gloria, Frost, Iris, Lola, Cire, Nova and Boucle.  Boucle is a knobby or bumpy thread.  Glory is the smallest and Nova is the heavy thread.  Each weight has it’s purpose, but are still interchangeable, allowing for size difference.  Lola and Frost have a tight twist.  Iris, Glory and Nova have a loose twist.   I like to use Iris for leaves.  The side by side stitches snuggle together.  With Lola or Frost you would see each strand separately.  It is just a personal preference.  Cire has a very loose twist and Boucle is bumpy.

Threads in Bloom carries all the colors  ( over 200 solid, shaded, varigated ) in Glory, Iris and Lola.   Frost, Cire, Nova and Boucle are stocked in the most popular colors.     www.ThreadsinBloom.com

Next time we will talk about Milliner needles.  Why we use Milliner  ( aka: straw needles ) and why we use different size Milliner needles.

Time to get back to juicing and making Alcante Bouchet jelly.  Alcante Bouchet is a wine grape – deep purple juice.  We have one vine, I make jelly.  It is nice to give for Christmas.  My friends love to get it.  It makes a lovely sauce  for Pork Tenderloin.

I look forward to you comments, questions and chatting.

Stitching keeps our souls content ~ Sharon ~ Threads in Bloom * Modesto, CA

Thread Stretchers

Good evening~  The other day some one was talking about Thread Stretchers and how to  use them.   Especially if you do Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery they are a terrific asset for the EdMar rayon thread.

Use Thread Stretchers to relax the twist in the rayon thread, particularly the Lola and Frost EdMar threads.   It is useful for many different embroidery threads, but a must for Brazilian Embroidery stitching.

You can order your Thread Stretchers at      www. ThreadsinBloom.com

Do you use Thread Stretchers – let me know what threads you are stitching with, using this stitching tool.