EdMar rayon thread

EdMar rayon thread is primarily made and mostly used for Brazilian Embroidery,  aka:  Dimensional Embroidery, because much of the stitching stands high above the surface of the fabric, rather than Surface Embroidery.  EdMar thread can also be used for many other needle arts such as:  Huck,  Cross Stitch, canvas, Punch needle and Embroidery on paper.

EdMar rayon twisted thread, is a ‘Z” twist.  Most threads are an ‘S’ twist.   What is the difference, and what difference does it make with your stitching ?

Take a close look and compare.   You will see the thread twist go from right to left on the ‘Z’  twist;  and from left to right on the ‘S’ twist.   You may be able to see the angle of the twist in the Stitching sample below..

When it comes to stitching, it does make a difference.  For example, a Stem stitch.  You must keep the working thread above the stitching line for that nice rope effect.  If you have it below, the thread will untwist, leaving an unattractive appearance.

The top row is correct.  See the nice ropey look it has.  The lower one is wrong –  just lays there like a dead stem.    In regular Surface embroidery, the will refer to the Brazilian Embroidery Stem stitch as an Outline stitch.   Notice where the position and where the needle and thread lay, above the stitching.  Yes, that is a Gold Milliner Needle, size #1.  They are available on my website.

Stem stitch

Making Bullions is the same –  you MUST wrap the thread around the needle  clockwise or it will untwist the thread – NOT a pretty Bullion.

About the different weights or sizes of thread.   Some thread such as Pearl cottons refer to the size by numbers;  3, 5, 8, etc.  EdMar has given its thread pretty names;   Gloria, Frost, Iris, Lola, Cire, Nova and Boucle.  Boucle is a knobby or bumpy thread.  Glory is the smallest and Nova is the heavy thread.  Each weight has it’s purpose, but are still interchangeable, allowing for size difference.  Lola and Frost have a tight twist.  Iris, Glory and Nova have a loose twist.   I like to use Iris for leaves.  The side by side stitches snuggle together.  With Lola or Frost you would see each strand separately.  It is just a personal preference.  Cire has a very loose twist and Boucle is bumpy.

Threads in Bloom carries all the colors  ( over 200 solid, shaded, varigated ) in Glory, Iris and Lola.   Frost, Cire, Nova and Boucle are stocked in the most popular colors.     www.ThreadsinBloom.com

Next time we will talk about Milliner needles.  Why we use Milliner  ( aka: straw needles ) and why we use different size Milliner needles.

Time to get back to juicing and making Alcante Bouchet jelly.  Alcante Bouchet is a wine grape – deep purple juice.  We have one vine, I make jelly.  It is nice to give for Christmas.  My friends love to get it.  It makes a lovely sauce  for Pork Tenderloin.

I look forward to you comments, questions and chatting.

Stitching keeps our souls content ~ Sharon ~ Threads in Bloom * Modesto, CA


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